SAVE BIG Stories
Some of the SAVE BIG strategies in the book came from people like you who I have featured in Good Morning America stories. Other ideas began in the book and were featured on ABC News later on. Here is a collection of my favorite SAVE BIG Stories to give you ideas and inspiration.
5 Steps to 'Save Big' in 2010
New book offers tips to help you save thousands of dollars.
New book offers tips to help you save thousands of dollars.
President Obama discusses the landmark financial reform legislation.
Elisabeth Leamy tests out money savings tips from her book, "Save Big."
"GMA" savings makeover cuts family's costs by $108,000.
Elisabeth Leamy helps the Stricklands save thousands of dollars.
You could save thousands on groceries, property taxes, medical bills and more.
SAVE BIG: In Depth
SAVE BIG: In Brief
By forming a buying club with other families, you can save big.
This new way to buy groceries allows consumers to bid on products.
Save more than $1,000 a year by buying the entire pig, cow or lamb.
Meet the little-known professionals who can help you improve your credit score.
Investigation finds homeowners may be getting ripped off on closing costs.
Michelle Katz shares how she saved money after her husband's heart attack.