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Part II » Chapter 12: What Can You Afford?
Page 131:

First you should figure out what you can afford, then which car you’re going to buy, not the other away around. ConsumerReports.org and Edmunds.com both have calculators that do it right and these links take you directly to them.
Click here for Consumer Reports
Click here for Edmunds

Page 132:

If you belong to a credit union, that is a terrific source of auto loans. Never fear, they are accessible to far more people than they used to be. Here’s a website to help you find one.
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For good measure, try out a website that gives instant quotes like Bankrate.com.
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Page 133:

Used car salespeople have been known to tell customers their credit scores don’t measure up even though they do. So pay for your own credit score at MyFico.com before going car shopping.
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