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Part V » Chapter 29: Haggling with Hospitals
Page 319:
If you do want to try to get your hospital bills reduced on your own — which I think is a rough road — the website BillAdvocates.com provides helpful resources.
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Page 315:

There is something called the Hill-Burton program, in which the Federal government provides money for certain hospitals to give free or low cost care.
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Page 321:

Because healthcare claims advocates go by so many names, (they call themselves claims assistance professionals, medical claims professionals, healthcare claims advocates, medical billing advocates) it can be confusing to search for them on the Internet. Here are several sources of professionals who can help you:

Click here for Medical Billing Advocates of America

Click here for Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals

Click here for the Patient Advocate Foundation

Click here for Healthcare Advocates, Inc.

Click here for HealthProponent

Click here for CareCounsel. (A service available through your employer only.)

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